Hanako, a japanese koi fish, lived to be 226 years old.

Say whaaaat!

Two-hundred-and-twenty-six years old.

That´s 2 centuries + 2 decades + an additional 6 years just for rubbing your fins.

Hanako was born in 1751, five years BEFORE classical genius Mozart was born. Hanako died in 1977.

Unaware and safely swimming in it´s japaneese koi pond, Hanako lived through:

  • James Cook discovering Australia (1770)
  • the French Revolution (1789-1799). The one with guillotines chopping heads off.
  • the world population passing 1 billion (1801). Now its 7.5 billion.
  • Napoleon defeated at the Battle of Waterloo (1815)
  • Abolishment of slavery (1865)
  • Thomas Edison invents the light bulb (1879)
  • First and Second World War (1918) (1945)
  • Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the Moon (1969)
  • Rocking with Elvis and The Beatles (60-70´s)

OK, OK, OK, you get the point. Hanako was one son-of-a-fish OLD CHAGOI KOI. Not the biggest but certainly the oldest ever recorded.

This is a picture of Hanako in Japan just a few years before she died. So this myth ain’t debunked!

Hanako Koi


Rumors are that in her early days, she was a total slut in the pond. Banging anything koi-like that moved. But she was just ahead of her time, because that’s what all the young people do now anyway. She would casually be swimming around, then slowly moving up on an unsuspected koi trying out really cheesy pick up lines. This was her favorite: “You’re KOI-LICIOUS”. It worked. Every. Damn. Time.



Get Sh*t Done before you die…

Look, you are not Hanako and you´re not gonna live forever. You may have 60 years left on this precious planet or maybe only 10 years. Heck, you may fall in the shower tomorrow morning and die cracking your skull open (yep, that´s the number 1 domestic killer).

Wouldn´t it be awesome if on your death bed, your life’s mission had been completely fulfilled. If there were no limits and there was nothing holding you back, what would you do before you die.